Travel Guide from JB Sentral


Are you planning to travel from Johor, Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore? Then what better way to travel from the Malaysian ETS Train! The ETS (Electric Train Service) owned by the Malaysian railway company, KTM (Keratapi Tanah Melayu) is a very efficient train service mainly for the passengers travelling between Malaysia to Singapore for business or even for tourism purposes. And travelling by train is always the cheapest and easiest way to travel. The comfort level that train travel provides is the best, specifically when you are travelling from Malaysia to Singapore. There are different classes for the passengers like the premium class, superior class and first class sleeper. If you are travelling by the first class sleeper than what more you can ask for, you get your own private cabin, toilet with shower arrangement and to add over a LCD Television too! Isn’t that amazing? And anytime, train travel is much safer option than road and air travel. How wonderful to sit or lie down on your seat and look outside the window with all the beautiful sights and interesting stuff happening there! And the journey is just of 6 to 7 hours. The KTM ETS train can travel with an astonishing speed of 160km/ph which can be considered to be one of the highest speed trains in the world. The KTM Johar Bahru ETS trains from JB Sentral are clean, air conditioned and offers an excellent quality food as well. The ticket prices are based on the travel destinations and classes.

But there is just one worry for the passengers who travel by trains, the ticket booking process. Yes, indeed! The task of booking tickets can be quite an overwhelming task. Especially, when you have to go physically at the railway station and stand in long queues for hours. This can be quite a tiring experience and even time consuming. You also need to completely adjust your day’s schedule to include this ticket booking regimen. How irritating experience! Also booking the tickets from slow and unreliable online services can put you in a bigger trouble. But you don’t have to worry now. If you have a device accessible to internet and couple of minutes, then your problem is solved completely. Yes, you heard it right! The solution is the ticket booking online service portal called Easybook.

‘Easybook’ actually is a ticket selling portal which sells the KTM ETS train tickets in lieu with the KTM itself. So it is quite a reliable one. Also it provides very high quality customer services. Its train booking process is very easy and fast too, so that the consumers do not find the experience stressful and frustrating. You can save your time and the hectic travel to station. ‘Easybook’ also provides tickets on counter prices, with no admin fees and even provides, offers and discount schemes on ticket price, so one can surely gain its benefit by simply buying a ticket from their site. So it also saves your money! And its partnership with the KTM itself proves that they are an excellent service provider and you can surely rely on them, for booking your tickets. So if you haven’t already experienced the ‘Easybook’ portal services, then its time to do so, when you travel next time from Johor to Kuala lumpur from the Malaysian KTM ETS Train. Have a happy booking people!

Get the best with a Car Rental in Malaysia

The world has truly become a smaller place in the last few decades, and as more time goes by, it becomes even more hyper connected. The other side of the world is a phrase that is being relegated into the past. The field of global commerce and business was quite networked even before. Now, it has become even more so.

car-remoteMalaysia, not just play , but work as well

Malaysia is one of the most important economies and of the ASEAN tigers. It has a vibrant and growing economy with a lot of connections to other countries. There are many western businesses that have a market here or have outsourced manufacturing or servicing here.

If your next destination for work is to Malaysia, then don’t be bound to your hotel room or guest house due to transportation. Get a Car rental and have the flexibility to move wherever you want and whenever you want.

Some of the advantages of getting a Car Rental

  • Slipping away to a relaxing getaway in between work schedules
  • Managing specialized impromptu meetings with clients in more places with a larger radius
  • No hassle of trying to book taxis or other for hire rides in cases work overflows of the time schedule.
  • Absolute freedom of movement.

Car rentals have some of their own benefits within Malaysia. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • Cheap car rentals
  • Large range of cars
  • Different cars for different purpose such as one for official and one for personal use
  • Chauffeur services or self-driven
  • Low collateral or security
  • Easy handover without much paperwork

So next time you are have an urgent meeting or have to set up multiple interviews and negotiations in Penang, you can choose to book Penang car rental service online or you are visiting Malaysia for a mixture of work and play, it is best you choose Car rental.

This will give you freedom of movement and let you have a much better experience of the visit in total.

Limo Transport

A standout amongst the most common ways that individuals have utilized limo transport administrations is for wedding transportation. Could you envision a superior approach to commend the greatest day of your life than by getting to the wedding, and afterward to the gathering, in a limousine with 40 of your dearest loved ones?

The moving, drinking, and celebrating of the gathering do not have to hold up until you get to the banquet room – they can start when you leave the church.